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At Continuum Myo and Wellness, we delve deep to uncover the underlying causes of your concerns, offering tailored solutions just for you. From toddlers to adults, our comprehensive programs cater to all ages and needs, whether you prefer courses or personalized onsite or virtual sessions.

Our Myofunctional Therapy Services prioritize your overall well-being, addressing a spectrum of orofacial issues to enhance your oral and facial health. Join us on a transformative journey towards a happier, healthier you. Let's start your wellness evolution today!

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." - Benjamin Franklin

Common Conditions We Support

TMJ Discomfort & Pain

Common Symptoms: Jaw pain or tenderness, discomfort with chewing, clicking or popping sounds, locking of the jaw joint, jaw muscle stiffness, TMJD diagnosis, clenching & grinding teeth

We offer guidance to alleviate discomfort associated with TMJ disorders. 

Thumbsucking & Pacifier Habits

Common Symptoms: Thumb or digit sucking, prolonged pacifier use, signs of malocclusion, mouth breathing 

We can help individuals break these habits, promoting oral and facial development. 

Orofacial Pain (Head & Neck)

Common Symptoms: Neck and shoulder pain, facial pain or soreness, muscle tension

Our services can assist in managing orofacial pain, including head and neck discomfort.

Tongue Thrust

Common Symptoms: Poor tongue resting posture, difficulty swallowing pills, digestive concerns, frequent belching

Our methods aid in retraining the tongue for proper swallowing patterns.  

Headaches & Dizziness

Common Symptoms: Headaches, migraines, dizziness

We provide support for individuals experiencing headaches and dizziness of orofacial origin. 

Chronic Fatigue

Common Symptoms: Chronic fatigue, brain fog, difficulty falling or staying asleep, frequent napping

Our services may contribute to overall wellness, potentially reducing fatigue. 

Tinnitus & Ear Fullness

Common Symptoms: Ringing/buzzing in ears, ear fullness, frequent ear infections

Our techniques may help manage tinnitus and the sensation of ear fullness.  

Sleep-Related Breathing Concerns

Common Symptoms: Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) diganosis, frequent tossing and turning, chronic fatigue, brain fog, drooling, night terrors, clenching & grinding teeth, prolonged bedwetting, hyperactivity

We provide guidance for better sleep-related breathing habits, complementing your overall well-being.

Open Mouth Breathing

Common Symptoms: Open mouth breathing habits, dry mouth, bad breath, chapped lips, stuffy nose, difficulty breathing in/out the nose, frequent upper respiratory infections, allergies

We offer strategies to promote healthier breathing habits, reducing reliance on mouth breathing.  

And More!

Other Symptoms: Poor posture, food aversions, preference for chewing on 1 side of the mouth, gag easily, suspected or confirmed tongue/lip tie

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