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MyoWellness Exercise Log .pdf

MyoWellness Exercise Log

Stay motivated and track your progress! Access and download our weekly myofunctional therapy exercise log. 

Dive into Myofunctional Therapy with These Must-Reads 

Gain a sneak peak into our top book recommendations for a deeper understanding of the importance of nasal breathing and how tongue ties can impact our breathing and function. 

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Sleep Disordered Breathing Screening Tool.png

Sleep Disordered Breathing Screening Tool

Unlock the Secret to Your Child's Restful Sleep

Is your child struggling with restless nights? Are you concerned about their breathing during sleep? Understanding the signs of sleep-disordered breathing in children is crucial for their well-being.

Click the picture of our "Sleep Disordered Breathing Screening Tool" to learn signs of sleep-disordered breathing. Not sure what to do next? Contact us!