Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy ("OMT" or "Myofunctional Therapy")

How long does myofunctional therapy treatment take?

Comprehensive OMT for Adolescents/Adults: 10-14 visits or 6-9 months of treatment, on average

Mini Myo and Me OMT for Children: 1-2 visits or 1 month of treatment, on average. 

Please note, this is dependent upon your specific needs and one's compliance and progression with the program(s). 

How much does myofunctional therapy cost?

Our MyoWellness Initial Experience is $225 (60-minute session & includes your MyoWellness Kit, if applicable). Following our initial experience, our MyoWellness Single Sessions are $125 (30-minute sessions). 

Why do I need to schedule 10 days in advance for the MyoWellness Initial Experience (Virtual)?

We ask you to schedule 10 days in advance to receive your MyoWellness Kit, which is required for your exercises. This kit includes everything you will need for your treatments and is shipped directly to your doorstep. We kindly request that you promptly fill out our intake forms, which will be sent to your email upon initial booking, as this allows us to ship your kit to your address without any delays.

If I have an allergy to any equipment, can I still do the exercises?

Yes, please tell us about your allergy when you begin the program. We'll send you a list of supplies in our kits to help you identify any potential allergens. If you have a specific allergy and can't use a piece of equipment, we'll provide alternative options.

Can I use my Health Saving's Account (HSA) or Flex Spending Funds towards myofunctional therapy? 

Yes, you are welcome to utilize your HSA or Flex Spending Funds for myofunctional therapy services. 

How often are myofunctional appointments? 

We have three phases of treatment. Phase one involves sessions 1x/week (4 sessions), phase two involves sessions bi-weekly, and phase three involves sessions 1x/month. Please note, this is a general guideline. Our programs are created and customized to your needs. If you are scheduled to have a frenectomy then an additional appointment may be indicated the week of your release for post-op exercises. 

Where do sessions take place?

Sessions can either take place in our office in Broomfield, CO or within the comfort of your own home via Google Meets or Zoom (Healthcare HIPPA compliant account). You also have the flexibility to change your session format depending on what fits your schedule best.  

I am told I might have a tongue tie. Does this impact treatment? 

We collaborate with specialists as needed such as those who perform oral surgery for lip or tongue ties (frenectomy), sleep specialists, ENT's, occupational therapists, speech therapists, and more. 

How many visits are needed prior to getting a frenectomy? 

We suggest 5 weeks of myofunctional therapy prior to your release to prepare the muscles for the procedure and allow for better outcomes. 

How soon after a frenectomy can I resume myofunctional therapy? 

We can typically resume myofunctional therapy treatment the same day of your release. We make sure to give you appropriate post-operative exercises to properly stretch the tissues and aid in healing. Please continue to follow any post-op care and recommendations as providerd by your surgeon/dentist. 

Is myofunctional therapy covered by insurance? 

Our services are not covered by insurance. Since we are not offering medical care or physical therapy treatment, our services are not covered by insurance companies. 

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